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Avaya Octel Messaging Division originates from a result of Lucent Technologies' acquisition of Octel Communications Corporation in September 1997. Lucent, in 2001, then spun off its own voice mail product lines along with Octel into the company now known as Avaya. Today, Avaya Octel Messaging Division is committed to connecting people throughout the world via messaging, freeing them to communicate unconstrained by time, place and space. The Avaya Octel Messaging Division's products and services offer the flexibility to communicate using all media types. With more than 110 million mailboxes in 90 countries worldwide, the Avaya Octel Messaging Division is one of the world's leading providers of advanced voice messaging technology. The Avaya Octel Messaging Division is a pioneer in the field of unified messaging, which has revolutionized the way people access and manage voice mail and e-mail communications. The Avaya Octel Messaging Division's solutions are based on open platforms, and leverage industry standards and existing infrastructure investments.