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Developed some early digital switching technology. The '580" name represented the 5 functional areas or frames of the original "Large PBX (lpbx)" design. They were the Line, Trunk, Network, Service and Control frames. The "80" represented the 1980s decade which was quickly approaching while Wescom was developing its first commercial digital PBX during the 1975 to 1980 time period. The 580L PBX was the first of the 580 family of products from Wescom. In addition to an Intel 8080 CPU complex, the heart of the 580 was the digital network frame which implemented a 64 kb time-division multiplexing digital network as the basic switching fabric of the 580 DSS. The first product in the family was the 3072 timeslot 580L-PBX which had a set of six Intel 8080 microprocessor pairs, for handling individual tasks in its control complex (State, Database, Console, Register, Trunk and Line micro complexes(CPU, memory, IPBs). Each of these actually consisted of redundant processor cards, and each micro card had dual 8080 chips using hardware matching between two 8080 chips.